Hello, I’m Payam Ghaderi

Outcome-focused Program Manager with 17 + years experience in the industrial and I.T. sector.
Accomplished in managing teams of up to 20 developers (both in-house and remotely),
skilled in cost and resource management to bring complex projects to fruition. Have devel-
oped a particular interest in cloud migration projects and aim to advance my career in this
fascinating field

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Moving to a new city or a country is a big deal.

 It’s common for people to move in search of new experiences, opportunities, and change. That whole cliché about finding yourself? Relocating can help with that discovery.
 But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Moving to a new city should be a well-thought out decision rather than a rash one, in which you truly consider the pros and cons of what you’re giving up in exchange for what you’ll be getting in your new life.
 It can be tempting to pack up your bags when you see your peers posting about their “new chapters” in new cities on social media. But what’s right for them may not be right for you, and that’s OK.
 Before you decide on a fresh start somewhere else, think about you why you want to move. If any of the reasons below apply to you, it may be a sign that it’s not the right time to relocate